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Important Notice: COVID-19

Dear Pet Parents,

We hope you and your pet are safe and healthy. In the view of the current Corona Virus Situation, we will be taking following measure to keep you, your pet and our clinic safe.

♦   The clinic will be OPEN ONLY in morning 11am to 1pm (till further notice).
♦   Please bring your pet ONLY BY PRIOR APPOINTMENT.
♦   Let your pet be accompanied by ONLY one handler/pet parent who is healthy and no recent travel history or exposure to COVID-19.
♦   The clinic will be sanitized and surfaces / door handles disinfected with an antibacterial solution.
♦   Please wait outside abiding the government protocol of Social Distancing till your turn comes.
♦   Please keep the distance of 1 meter from the staff.
♦   Hand sanitizer is available at the clinic, please feel free to use it.

Thank you
PetVet Veterinary Clinic 

Welcome to Dr. Sunetra's
PetVet Veterinary Clinic

PetVet Veterinary Clinic is a multi-speciality animal care veterinary clinic located at Borivali (West), Mumbai. Our focus at PetVet Veterinary Clinic is more on traditional pets like dogs, cats, reptiles and birds.

We love to serve PetVet Veterinary Clinic families and strive to take a balanced, pet centered approach that takes your pet's physical and emotional wellness seriously.