"Undoubtedly, she's the finest Vet !

I've often sought Dr.Sunetra's help, advise and diagnosis for several cases over the last decade. She's been the most helpful vet I've come across. Not just her knowledge and expertise is incredible, but she's a lovely person who doesn't mislead her patients. Her diagnosis is optimal and her fees are easy on the pocket.

She's been a very strong support to the animal rescuers community, who often seeks her help at any oddball hours. She's one of those very few Vet's who does not discriminate between a pet and a stray. She's often gone beyond her professional limits, to extend a personal helping hand to numerous, then be it through not charging for the treatments or attending difficult cases at the site.

Dr.Sunetra has helped me and many fellow youngsters to nurture our true love for the animals.

If you care for your pet, then choose this 'Vet'"

Rajiv Shinde

“Hello Doctor, I can't thank you enough for saving my little baby turtle, Mojo. My baby was happy go lucky until one day when he accidently fell down and after two days I observed a small lump on his neck. I thought it to be the result of the fall and thought he would be fine but I panicked when he stopped eating and the lump grew big. My baby seemed to be in pain, not responding, eating, being lazy. I took him to a vet but he had no clue and wanted me to show it to a reptile specialist. I could not find any in Chandigarh and was disappointed.

My Mojo's condition was getting worse. This is when you came as a God sent angel to save him. I found your contact number through a friend in Mumbai but was reluctant to call because I know most vets would never help you over the phone, but I was so happy talking to you because you listened to me patiently and asked me to send Mojo's pictures. You suggested me to take him to the vet and not only, you spoke with me but spoke with the vet I went to and explained her how to do a small surgery on him.

I am so hopeful that now my Mojo will recover soon as he already looks better. People like you are rare to find these days and I once again thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing all this without expecting a cent from me. May we have more selfless people like you who care selflessly for these voiceless beings. You are the Best!” 

Nidhi (Chandigarh)

"She is an awsome thing i like in her that she explains everything point to point."

Rudradev Bharadwaj

"Best Veterinarian! She is gentle and treats pets with love and care. She patiently explains everything to the pet parents. Very trustworthy and knowledgeable! Long ago, I had called her to ask if she could help me with animal rescues/shelters, though she was busy at that moment, in a few minutes she called me back and gave me few phones numbers. Thank you Doctor! God bless you!"

Roshna A

“She is simply the best veterinary doctor in the city... I have a pug and he was sick from some days, he was not eating at all and becoming weak day by day.. I took him to every vet, but no one could cure him... But when I took him to PetVet Veterinary Clinic, they took care of him so well. Now he is perfectly fine... Really she is the best.”


“I am very happy that I found Dr. Sunetra at a time of great need. She operated my pet on a Sunday understanding the urgency. My pet was operated twice before, but she is the only one who identified and solved the issue. Very friendly and approachable. She has been very patient in explaining the issue and counseled us very well on how to care for Suzi (our pet). Suzi is doing extremely good today, all thanks to Dr. Sunetra.”